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Want to escape from the summer heat, then Kodaikanal is the ideal destination. The Princess of Hill Stations with a serene exquisiteness. Kodaikanal is located at the crown of Palani Hill and offers a comprehensive package of attractions from fascinating manmade lakes to alluring natural woodland. Experience a life next to Nature.

  • Day 1- Arrival & Sight-Seeing Kodaikanal Lake
    Stunning lake in the heart of the town enticing the tourists for a pleasant boat ride. The star shaped lake is bordered with extravagant scenic beauty making it more suitable for horse riding and cycling.Bryant Park  A botanical park with plethora of flowers is a visual treat for the visitors. The blossoms are ornamented in the great summer festival. The park serves as a domicile for the Horticulture.Shenbaganur Museum The museum is 6 kms from the Kodai lake and is a domicile for variety of collections- artistic arts and crafts, adorable flora, unique fauna and socio-cultural human society.

            Coaker’s Walk
            An exquisite panorama in the dawn or twilight, the rays of the sun slicing the clouds and disbursing the mist surfacing the way for a beautiful promenade.

  • Day 2- Mystic Trip to Heaven
    Pambar Falls
    Referred to as the Grand Cascade is the abode for nature. The watercourse falls into the pool making it a suitable place for swimming. Also imparts a finest trekking experience for the adventurers.
    Dolphin Nose
    Bequeaths an awesome trekking aura from the Vattakanal hamlet. The 30 mins stroll takes you to the flat rock formation stands as a magnificent view point of the valley.
    Green Valley View
    The 5000 ft deep and dense valley is 5.5 kms from heart of the town. The mesmerizing view and the tranquility besiege the body, mind and soul.
    Pillar Rocks
    The naturally formed pillar shaped rocks disguised in the traversing misty clouds unveils a spectacular view with lush green foliage, waterfalls and the marching of silver clouds.
    Guna Caves
    Also known as Devil’s kitchen is a boon for trek lovers taking the route through the appealing Pine Forest making a suitable location for adventure and an out of the world feel.

  • Day 3 – Nature Next Door Trip
    Moir Point
    The entry point to the forest road to the Berijam lake and other key vantage points. One of the finest tourist attractions with a spectacular view point.
    Silent Valley
    Yet another amazing view point of the hillock. The valley uncovers the elegance of the green terrain shielded by the hazy clouds covered by the silvery mists.
    Caps Valley
    Not just a view point; nevertheless, reveals the interesting boomerang effect of any light weight object. The air current in this spot brings back the objects thrown back into your hands.
    Mathikettan Forest View
    It is believed that the cajoling view of the forest spellbinds one’s mind and is a home for many wild mammals. Entry is strictly prohibited; however, one can enjoy the forbidden forest from the view point.
    Berijam Lake
    A hidden treasure where one can relish in the calm and composed view of the pristine lake. Relaxing in the hands of mother nature, bird watch and safari are the most common activities.

  • Day 4 – Day of Departure
    Bear Shola Falls
    Amidst a reserve forest, is the stunning cascade attracting the tourists. Witness the chirping of birds, cool breeze and the pleasant greenery during the mini hike of 10 to 15 mins.
    Kurinji Aandavar Temple
    Main deity of the temple is Lord Muruga and the temple has intricate carvings and flamboyant paintings and is one of the key tourist spots for worship.
    Silver Cascade
    Kodaikanal greets the tourists with a refreshing stream of water gushing out from the Kodaikanal lake and descending down the rocks forming a silver cascade, a picturesque view for a perfect click.
    Foothills of Kodaikanal
    Descend down the hill to enjoy the charming ghat road and catch the sight of charismatic Thalaiyaar view point and Manjalaru Dam view that adds to the Kodaikanal memoirs.


               Rameswaram, the land of devotion has a significant prominence in the Indian Pilgrimage. It is believed that the visit to Holy Kasi is incomplete without visiting Rameswaram.
               Geographically this island is located on the Gulf of Munnar which is at a close distance to the Sri Lankan province Talaimannar.  Rameswaramis a spiritual destination and
               abode of historic and cultural eminence.
              Ramanathaswamy Temple
              Holy shrine is said be worshipped by Lord Ram after the killing of the demon King Ravana to exonerate all the sins committed over the combat. The temple has two lingams,
              one brought by Hanuman from the Himalayas and the other sand lingam that was made by Sita.  The sanctum is said to have one of the 12 Jyothirlingams across India.
              Early morning spadiga lingam pooja around 4 a.m. is auspicious. Also,  taking bath from the 22 sacred springs inside the premise and the Agni theertham is considered to
              liberate one from all the depravities.  The temple was constructed by various rulers over centuries and is famous for its 1212 stunning pillars made of sandstone around
              the mighty corridors marking the architectural excellence. The ceiling is decorated with aesthetic and flamboyant paintings serving a visual treat.
             Agni Theertham
             Situated outside the holy shrine, the revered theertham on the shore of Bay of Bengal. Taking a dip in the Agni theertham followed by the holy water bath from the 22 wells
             inside the temple is the customary before worshipping the deity.

            Panchamukha Aanjeneyar Temple
            Mythological fact around this temple is that Lord Hanuman had revealed all of his different faces – Hanuman, Narasimha, Adivaraha, Hayagriva  and Garuda. One of the enticing                           elements is the display of the floating stones which is believed to be used for constructing the Ram Setu bridge.
           Gandha Madhana parvatham
            The hillock is also referred to as Ramar Padham, as Lord Ram stood at this site and planned the construction of the Ram Setu bridge. For tourists, this is a  finest view point
            of the entire Rameswaram town and serves a beguiling sight of Sunrise and Sunset.
           Jatayu Theertham
           Devoted to the king of birds, Jatayu the eagle who helped in rescuing Sita from demon Ravana. Lord Rama had performed the last rites for the loyal bird after its demise.
           Devotees can see the holy ashes obtained as a yagnas by the saints in this temple.
           Kothandaramaswamy Temple
           Only historical structure that survived the 1964 cyclone that hit Dhanushkodi. Lord Ram is the main deity along with Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman and Vibhishana.
           The present temple is hailed to be the place where Vibishana surrendered to Ram and also ascended the throne of Lanka.
           Drive to Dhanushkodi on the landstrip escorted by the shoreline is an absolute delight. Tourists can witness the remains from the 1964 natural calamity- the old railway
           station, church, post office… Enjoy the scenic beauty of the waveless serene beach and relish the exclusive seafood.
           Water Bird Sanctuary
            Perfect spot for all aviphiles to connect with diverse avifaunal species. It is a utopian land for the innate and the migratory birds flighting over the Indian Ocean.
           Other sanctuaries that are located nearby are Kanjirankulam  and Chitrangudi in Ramanathapuram.
           Arichal Munai
           The south eastern tip of Rameswaram and is 24 kms away from the Talaimannar, Srilanka. Rama Setu bridge constructed using a limestone shoals back dates to
            the Ramayana epic connecting south eastern tip of India and North western tip of Sri Lanka.
            House of Kalam
            Home of our 11th President of India Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam has been convalesced into a museum that unveils the achievements of Dr. Kalam’s  at every stage of his life.
            A great place for the young minds to draw inspiration to transform from a common man to the first man of India.
            Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam National Memorial
           The memorial is a tribute rendered to the Missile Man of India and the monument is a fusion of Indian and Mughal architecture. The cenotaph exhibits the replicas
           of rockets and missiles, paintings and murals from different states and the life achievements of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.
           Villoondi Theertham
           Sweet spring water is enclosed by the sea water, which is 6 km west of Rameswaram. It is believed that this is the spot where Lord Ram shot an arrow to fetch freshwater
           to quench the thirst of Sita. One of the elite natural wonders to experience.
           Pamban Bridge
           Enthralling experience to travel along the prodigious rail bridge magnificently built amidst the Palk Strait. Annai Indira Gandhi road bridge also connects the mainland and the
           island. Tourists can witness a great sight of all 3 modes of transportation- railways, roadways and via seaways.
           Nearby Rameswaram
           Thirupullani- Located at 64 kms from Rameswaram and 10 kms from Ramanathapuram. Main deity is Aadi Jaganatha Perumal and is one of the 108 Divya Desam of Lord Vishnu.                               Devipattinam- Navapashana temple dedicated for the nine planets located amidst Bay of Bengal. Devotees will have an all-new experience worshipping in the midstream
           of the sea.  Uttrakosamangai- Shiva temple situated in the Ramanathapuram district. Idol of the main deity Natarajar  is carved out of emerald and temple is glorified by the                                           hymns of  Manikavasagar.